June 18, 2021

Christmas tree sales have been boosted as the Christmas season approaches, with thousands of Christmas trees being sold online and through the retail channels.

The festive season began with the announcement that the first sale of Christmas Trees was planned at a shopping centre in Limerick on December 25, and has since grown into the busiest of the festive season.

The retail chain has now announced that it is taking over a number of existing Christmas Tree outlets in Ireland, with a further 100 to be opened in the coming months.

Online sales are expected to surpass sales at the same time last year, with the Christmas Tree retail chain set to overtake the sales of Tesco, as well as the likes of Waitrose, Lidl and Marks & Spencer.

The online sales will be carried out through the network of its Holiday Tree Partner and Holiday Tree Distributors (HTD) who are currently offering the sale of tree trunks at a discount.

The HTDs partner, The HTD, will sell the trunks to shoppers for €25 and the HTD’s Christmas Tree Partner, The Christmas Tree Distributor, will offer the trumps to the same shoppers for an extra €10.HTDs customers will also be able to buy Christmas Tree Trunks from their HTD partners, including The HTH, which will sell them for €15, and The HThD, which has already taken over the sale for the first time.

The Christmas Tree Sales will begin at 8pm on Christmas Eve and continue until 2am on Christmas Day, with an end to sales at 2am.

Online shoppers can register for the Christmas tree sale by visiting https://www.htds.ie/events/events.shtml or calling The HHTP on 01 556 2515.

The first sale, which was announced by The HTPD on Thursday morning, is the first step towards the HTH being taken over as the main retail partner for the retail chain, with sales expected to reach €250,000 by the end of December.

The holiday season has also seen a number ornaments, lights, flowers and a range of Christmas decorations being sold through the Holiday Tree Retail Partners (HTRPs) online, with Christmas Tree Products (TCP) already in operation in Ireland.

There are currently two other stores that are selling Christmas Trees and the holiday season is expected to continue with additional retailers opening their doors in the next few days.

Online stores such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart and others have also been opening up in Ireland as well.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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