July 7, 2021

Posted December 04, 2020 08:18:18A C++ programmer is working on a new job at a major US military equipment company.

The job is the first for a specialist in a specialised field, and it involves a new tool that can scan and analyse the data being gathered by other machines.

John Linneman, the vice-president of the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL), said the new system is designed to be used by soldiers in field operations, which is a key reason why he wanted to hire someone who has a background in data analysis.

“It allows you to get a lot more detailed data than is possible with traditional methods,” he said.

“So you can get a much better picture of where soldiers are in the battlefield.”

The system uses a small device called a radome, which has sensors and cameras that can be mounted on a truck.

It can pick up on data that soldiers are sending from the vehicle.

It is a huge step for a US company that has struggled to compete in a field where other technology is better at gathering information, he said, but the system was still in its infancy.

The US Army’s military operations command uses radome technology for its troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I have been looking for an operator who can use this kind of technology to make a lot of data-driven decisions, because it can really change the way we do things in combat,” he told the ABC.

The radome is designed for soldiers in Afghanistan who are using it to track targets and collect intelligence on enemy troop movements.

“You can see this truck driver coming and the radome would say, ‘This is a bad guy coming in’, or ‘This guy is carrying bombs’,” he said in an interview.

“And you could actually see where he was coming from.”

Then we could get a picture of his movements.

“Mr Linnemans system uses radomes to track trucks and cars in Afghanistan, as well as people, in the US and abroad.”

We’re in a different world,” he added.

Mr Lappeneman said that the US military was now looking at a number of alternatives to radomes, and he was looking at other ways to make data-based decisions.”

When we get the opportunity to move from a military-to-military-to civilian data model to a data-to data model, then that’s when we will see how that plays out,” he noted.

Mr Lineman said he would like to see the technology used by other military departments, but he said the US had not found a good candidate yet.”

If we did find somebody who has that skill, then I think we would be very happy to work with them,” he concluded.


Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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