July 14, 2021

The U.S. Department of Energy is moving forward with plans to deploy more battery-powered lighting in cities across the country, including Austin, Texas.

The move comes as the number of Americans using cell phones is on the rise and the Department of Transportation is trying to build an infrastructure to connect the nation’s bridges and tunnels.

A report published by the Department for Transportation said that Austin’s light-emitting diode (LED) project will add about 10,000 more jobs, but the project also will add to congestion and gridlock.

The Department for Energy (DOE) expects that the new light installations will help to reduce congestion by reducing power outages and improving energy efficiency.

In addition, the new LED projects will also help reduce carbon emissions.

According to the DOE, a typical home uses about 50 watts of light per square meter.

A light installation that provides 500 lumens of light would be enough to illuminate the entire front yard of an average family.

The project is a collaboration between the U.K.-based National Grid, a consortium of electricity providers, and the Texas-based National Electric Light and Power (NERP).

The LED installation will also provide electricity to the city of Austin.

Austin is not the only city to attempt to address energy and climate concerns with new lighting.

In October, the city began installing a network of solar panels on city streets.

This article originally appeared on ESPN.com

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