July 26, 2021

A driver who is speeding is more likely to receive a ticket than one who is not, a new study shows.

The study, conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), shows that drivers who are speeding have been hit with about 50 percent more tickets than drivers who aren’t speeding, and drivers who have been ticketed by a driver who isn’t speeding were hit with nearly 70 percent more than drivers that were.

The NTSB found that about 15 percent of drivers who were cited by a speeding driver were cited for the speed limit violation, but that was far more than for drivers who weren’t speeding.

It’s a finding that raises the specter of drivers being ticketed because they were driving erratically.

The NTSB did not track drivers who violated traffic laws but said they were more likely than other drivers to be speeding.

The findings are based on a sample of about 2,200 drivers who had been ticketing drivers in the past six months.

It found that drivers that had been cited by the speeding driver in the previous six months were twice as likely to get a ticket as drivers that hadn’t been cited.

“The odds that a driver will be ticketed are much higher when the driver is speeding than when he is not speeding,” said the study’s lead author, David Kamin, a former NTSB lawyer.

The difference is not as big as people think because of the way the system works, Kamin said.

If you’re speeding and you’re not driving, the system automatically gives you a ticket.

If you’re driving and you are speeding, the ticket can be dismissed because it doesn’t meet the speed requirement.

That means a speeding violation is likely to result in a ticket, but not necessarily a speeding citation.

“What the NTSB is trying to do is to provide an indication of the impact of speed,” Kamin told ABC News.

The analysis, which is published in the journal Traffic Safety, looked at the number of speeding tickets issued by drivers who got tickets for various traffic violations.

The analysis found that more than 10 percent of speeding drivers were cited at least once for speeding.

That number is similar to a finding in a study published in 2014 that found that the odds of being ticket based on the speed of a vehicle is nearly equal to that of drivers not speeding.

But the difference is that the researchers did not use that study to determine how many of those speeding drivers got a speeding fine.

“This is a much more accurate estimate than the average,” Kain said.

The results of the study have a number of limitations.

It’s based on data from only about 400 drivers in a sample that was not representative of all drivers, Kain added.

“In the case of this study, we’re only looking at the drivers who received a speeding speeding ticket, so we don’t know how many drivers who did not get a speeding warning, or even were ticketed, were actually speeding,” Kamp told ABCNews.com.

“The other limitations include that we’re looking at people who are caught speeding, not just speeding, so it’s really not a sample representative of the overall traffic situation.”

The study did find that drivers convicted of speeding have a much higher likelihood of getting a speeding penalty than people who aren.

About 45 percent of people who were ticket for speeding got a ticket in the first six months of the year, but only 35 percent of those who weren`t ticketed were caught speeding.

“That’s not surprising because speeding is a very high priority of the federal government,” Krainer said.

“There are many more federal transportation programs that are focused on speeding.

The more people are speeding the more they are on the radar, so that is probably a reflection of the priority that the government is giving to speeding.”

Kamp and Kamin pointed to the recent deaths of drivers caught speeding in Florida, which resulted in more than 30 tickets being issued.

The Florida case resulted in nearly 500 speeding tickets being handed out, and the NTSb also said that Florida had one of the highest speeding fines in the country.

In California, the number was just 12.

The researchers say they want to know if the results are generalizable to other states.

“One thing that we want to make sure is that we do have a lot more data to see how this plays out over time,” Kamps said.

“We also want to see what happens to the drivers and the people who get tickets.”

If you have a story to share about a speeding incident, please email [email protected]

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