August 3, 2021

Google has made a major effort to improve its news product over the last few years, with a series of updates to the newsreader.

Newsreader now offers the ability to “follow” a user on Twitter and other social media sites.

You can also read the same article across multiple sites and devices.

But that’s about it for the most basic feature of the update.

You don’t need to bother with it.

Google’s paid search results pages, which are built by its AdWords ad network, are just fine, too.

They show up alongside other news items, and Google can easily show you articles that are “popular” or “most read.”

The company also offers an extensive collection of related search results.

That’s good news for anyone who likes to find relevant articles from around the web.

However, there’s one big downside: Google News is now just $2 a month, and it doesn’t work with Google Chrome or Opera.

The company says it will begin rolling out its paid search experience to the rest of its desktop and mobile products next week.

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