August 16, 2021

Facebook is rolling out ad blockers in the United States and Europe, and it’s trying to make sure people don’t miss out on ads.

Adblockers block sites from showing ads to people who don’t want them.

Facebook is using Adblock Plus, a browser extension that blocks ads, to help people avoid them.

Users can download AdblockPlus to download the extension.

Facebook will also block a certain subset of sites on Facebook that use Facebook’s mobile apps.

Those sites will show ads on Facebook apps.

Facebook says its ad blocking technology doesn’t track what sites people visit.

Users who want to disable the ads can do so by disabling the ad blocker.

Here are the instructions for how to install Adblock+.

Here are some of the ways people are using AdBlockPlus to block ads on Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram Adblocker: To turn off ads on an Instagram page, click the Settings menu button in the top right corner of the page.

You’ll then be prompted to select an option for Adblock.

Click “Add a Block” to add an adblocker.

Facebook Adblock: Click the Facebook Ads settings menu button.

In the menu bar, click Ad Blocker.

You can add Adblock for a specific Facebook account or group of accounts.

You also can select a specific block of Facebook ads or a specific site for an ad blocker ad.

Instagram is a popular social network with more than 20 million users, so Facebook is trying to protect its ad business.

Facebook has said it’s going to roll out ad blocking across the entire web.

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