August 25, 2021

The Indian government is trying to address its cyber threats through a mix of policy, legislative and social action.

A cyber security strategy is also being considered by the government to be a cornerstone of its cybersecurity strategy.

The aim is to “increase and expand the use of cyber security” by the state, according to a briefing document on cyber security by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry (I&B).

The cyber strategy is to be reviewed every two years and will be submitted for the cabinet approval by June 2019.

The document said the ministry will “make recommendations to the government for the development of an integrated cyber strategy”.

The cyber strategy will be a central part of the government’s agenda to deal with the threats faced by the country in the coming months.

This is in line with the policy of “Digital India” which was announced in the Prime Minister’s Vision 2017 to “promote the development and deployment of digital capabilities in the country and to strengthen India’s position in global digitalisation”.

The strategy also aims to “improve the security and resilience of the country’s critical infrastructure and critical information infrastructure”.

The I&B briefing document said India’s cyber vulnerabilities are not confined to cybercrime and hacking.

In addition to the cyber threat to infrastructure and data, cyber criminals have been targeting the financial sector, which the government is now trying to tackle by setting up a task force to examine the threat of financial crimes to Indian financial institutions.

The government is also considering creating a National Cyber Crime Task Force to investigate cybercrime, fraud and theft of intellectual property, said the briefing document.

The Government is also exploring “other measures, including cyber safety, to reduce risk and to enhance cyber security”, said the document.

It also said that India is making “significant efforts to tackle the issue of cyber attacks and threats” in the national security arena, adding that the country is taking measures to “ensure effective defence and cyber defence systems”.

In a separate briefing, the I&Bs said the government would also seek to improve cyber security in the public sector by “developing new tools to help public authorities monitor and combat cyber attacks, cyber theft and threats”.

The government has already started the process of developing the Cybersecurity Infrastructure for Public Sector, which will be “linked to the Digital India strategy”, according to the document, which was prepared in January 2018.

It will also help private companies to implement the Digital Economy in India strategy.

The Government of India will also “develop the Cyber Security Strategy in consultation with industry, academia and non-governmental organisations”.

“It will also work towards ensuring effective defence, cyber defence and other measures to combat cyber threats and cyber security,” said the I-B briefing.

In February, the government announced a National Strategy for Cybersecurity, including measures to strengthen the Indian Cyber Defence.

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