September 1, 2021

Chinese opera has become the target of a new spate of fake opera production, with the Royal Opera House in London shutting down its production after a number of productions were taken over.

The Royal Opera, the world’s biggest, said in a statement on Monday it will close all its production in China on October 20 after a string of productions, including the hit Broadway hit “A Room with a View” and the highly anticipated Broadway musical “Avenue Q.”

China Opera said in an emailed statement that the production of the Broadway hit A Room with an View was taken over by a new company, “Actors of Vision.”

The news came after a spate of production of Broadway shows were taken out of China by a company called Actors of Passion, which is based in Beijing.

According to the London-based Royal Opera website, the productions of the popular Broadway show “A Place for Love” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” are among the “recently closed.”

The production of “A Wedding in the Desert” and of “The Wedding of Jane Austen” will also be taken over next week.

The BBC reports that the Royal has previously shut down the production in its main London production of Romeo and Juliet for the same reason.

China Opera’s production of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” will be closed on October 19, the company said.

The Royal is the second opera house in China to close down over counterfeit production.

Last year, the Royal announced that it would close all production in Shanghai in the coming weeks due to concerns of counterfeit production, which has become a major issue in the country.

According a BBC report from 2014, the London opera house said in its statement that it was taking steps to stop counterfeiting and counterfeit merchandise from entering the country, including closing its production and preventing the sale of merchandise from abroad.

A spokesperson for the Royal said in the statement that “we do not accept any responsibility for any damage that may be caused by counterfeit merchandise, nor are we in any position to provide any assistance in stopping the production or sale of counterfeit merchandise.