September 10, 2021

I remember watching a baseball season in the ’70s when we had a lot of games in a span of two days and the games would get out of hand and it would go on and on and that was the only time I saw that happening.

Then we went into a major league season and that started to change.

Now we have four days in a week and we are in the third or fourth week of the season.

Now you have five or six games in three days, that is a lot different.

So I am going to go back to the ’60s and say the best part of that baseball season was that you could see the players and the team grow and change.

We have to start thinking about that.

I do think that the best players, in particular, the best hitters, should be rewarded for their contributions.

I think it is important that the fans feel like the game has value and that they are seeing it with their own eyes.

I feel like baseball has become an entertainment product, and if the fans are getting paid for the games, then it is really hard for a baseball team to not have value.

I also feel that the team should be the one to decide what goes into that value.

So, if a team has good fans and the fans support the team, then they should be compensated.

And if a fans support that, then the fans should be paid.

If the team doesn’t pay its players, then there should be consequences for the team.

There are all kinds of ways to do it, and I think baseball should take a lot more of those types of decisions.

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