September 16, 2021

How much does a band get paid for playing a show?

That’s the question being asked after the Blues were forced to cancel two shows this year, with the first being held at the iconic Sydney Theatre.

The Blues, who have played three consecutive shows at the venue, had planned to play a second show at The Star in October, but the venue was not available.

In the end, a capacity crowd of just over 200 people was needed to be accommodated at the sold-out venue.

The venue, known for its intimate setting, has been called a “ghost town” by locals.

The Sydney Theatre has been criticised for being “a ghost town” after they cancelled two shows at a venue.

A spokesman for the venue said the venue could not accommodate a capacity audience of 500 people.

He said the band were not happy with the way the venue had been managed.

“We’ve got the capacity but we’re trying to figure out how we can keep the crowd in the venue and make it as intimate as possible,” he said.

“We’d like to continue to play but there’s a couple of issues that we have to deal with.”

It is understood the band had planned the two shows in October.

They were due to play at the Sydney Theatre on October 19, and the next date was to be on October 25.

At the end of November, they cancelled that show, but a number of people are believed to have left the venue in protest.

The band had also planned to take part in a show at the Waverley Auditorium on December 10, but this has been cancelled.

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