September 21, 2021

An online petition asking for an end to the ‘parents’ card’, which is seen as a symbol of the Christmas spirit, has been signed by more than 6,000 people.

The petition, which is being shared by many of the thousands of fans who signed it, was set up in response to the Christmas commercial, which has become a cultural touchstone for many fans.

The commercial is shown on TV screens in several countries around the world every Christmas.

It features two dads, a child and an imaginary mother, and presents a family photo with their child, which looks as if they are in a holiday party.

The dads appear as the children, while the imaginary mother looks as the mother.

The parents appear as children, but are actually the mother and daughter.

The mother is wearing a pink tutu, while her daughter is wearing blue and red shorts.

The father is dressed as Santa Claus, with a red Santa hat.

The children are wearing their Christmas sweaters.

It is a tradition among fans of the series to dress up as Santa, and this is one of the most iconic scenes in the Christmas adverts.

The ‘parents card’ is a way to tell a story, and to remind us of what Christmas means to us, said the petition.

The creators of the commercial did not respond to requests for comment.

The card is a “powerful reminder that our family is not just about the child, but the entire family, and that we have the power to shape the story of Christmas in ways that shape our whole world”, the petition said.

It also added: “If the commercial is ever made, the families in the family will be shown to be children, and we will all have to accept the card as such.”

The petition has attracted more than 4,000 signatures.

Many of the fans on the petition, who are members of the website StopCardsForParents, said that it was important that parents were given a voice in shaping the Christmas stories in their childrens’ lives.

“The commercial, and the accompanying images, have the effect of reinforcing the idea that family is important to all children,” the petition reads.

“It also gives the impression that the Christmas season is the most important time in children’s lives, but in fact, it is a time for them to be at home with their families and to celebrate the season with their own children.”

One fan said: “The families in this ad, and especially the mothers, are clearly represented as children.

Another wrote: “It’s not only the ‘father’ in the advert, but also the mother, the child and the imaginary family. “

As parents, we are also seen as little people, and as such, the parents are always being represented as child.”

Another wrote: “It’s not only the ‘father’ in the advert, but also the mother, the child and the imaginary family.

It makes the parents card seem like a reflection of how the family looks to me.”

The Christmas commercial was filmed by American advertising company KISS, and is based on a children’s book by James Patterson.

The video was released on Monday (December 24), with a new version of the ad featuring a new father, with the new family looking like a festive party.

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