September 28, 2021

Posted November 20, 2019 07:08:51The first Australian high jumper to take the jump was James Daugherty, a 23-year-old from Melbourne, who made history on the first attempt.

Now, a new record has been set.

The Sydney Opera House has launched an operation bagration competition, where up to seven people from around the world will be able to compete.

James Daugriebs record-breaking attempt at Sydney Opera house (ABC News)James Davengherty made history in a bid to break the world record in the 100 metres at the Sydney Opera Houses opening night on Tuesday night.

The Australian-born athlete will attempt to break a new world record when he makes history in the 400 metres at Sydney’s Opera House.

“I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

“It’s an incredible feeling.

You’re a part of the city, you’re in the city centre, you get to go and perform with the people who make the city great.”

You can’t put a price tag on that.

“The Sydney High School graduate had originally been aiming for a world record of just under 3.8 metres, but had to settle for a Guinness World Record for the longest jump to the roof of the Opera House, an impressive feat.”

We’re trying to break some new records at the same time, and it’s fantastic to have such a big crowd supporting us,” he added.”

They’ve really come out to support us.

“It’s amazing to see all the people that come out and watch the competition.”

James Dougherty’s world record attempt at the Opera house was made (ABC)James was born and raised in the Sydney suburb of Burwood and attended Sydney’s High School for Boys.

“When I first started doing my high jump, I thought that was a bit much,” he told ABC Radio’s Today program.

“But then I realised it wasn’t as bad as I thought.”

The biggest difference is just how long you can jump.

“The record attempt was made at 7.18 metres, just over a metre off the current record of 6.90 metres, which was held by the Russian Olympic athlete Yelena Isinbayeva.

James said the jump itself was very challenging.”

There’s a lot of power behind it, and you’ve got to take it as far as you can and get it to the ground and then you’ve gotta get your legs underneath you,” he explained.”

Because it’s really, really, heavy.

“The Australian High Jump Federation has been trying to make the jump more accessible to people for years, and has launched several new initiatives in recent years.

James also has plans to perform at the London Olympics later this year.”

In case I get a chance to do it again, it’ll be a huge honor and it’ll show how far we’ve come and what we’ve achieved,” he joked.

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