September 29, 2021

The new book by David S. Goyer and Mark Waid is a riveting thriller set in a world of high-stakes intrigue and espionage.

Written by the man who brought you Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Tower, this new epic takes place in the alternate future that has been dubbed “The New Gotham.”

The New Gotham is a city of crime and intrigue, ruled by the corrupt Maelstrons.

As the city grows and war rages, Gotham is in peril.

As tensions rise between Mael and his rival, a mysterious woman known only as “The Lady,” Gotham is plunged into a new dimension of conflict.

The Lady, played by Emily Blunt, has been in Gotham for many years and has an uncanny knack for manipulating people’s actions.

The plot revolves around a secret that has the potential to bring Mael’s reign to an end.

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