September 30, 2021

Posted December 20, 2019 11:10:51A major Australian advertising company is in talks to acquire the popular messaging service dumbo, with its CEO saying that the social media giant wants to become “a new normal” for advertisers.

Dumbo was launched in December, with some users complaining about the lack of new content being added to the service.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said in a post on Wednesday that the company was exploring new ways to build on the popularity of dumbo.

“Dumbo is not a new product or a new service.

It is a great product for advertisers,” Mr Costolo wrote.”

I think the next phase will be to be able to create content that is truly new and exciting.”

That is something we are excited about and look forward to doing.

“Mr Costolo also said that the “Dumbo community” was growing rapidly, with the site gaining over 20 million monthly unique users by the end of December.

Dumbarton Capital has made a $1.1 million investment in dumbo and the company has announced plans to expand the service in 2018.

We will also use the power of diddy’s community to help advertisers reach a broader audience through a variety of new ways.””

Dumbass is a social platform that connects people and brands in a new way, allowing brands to reach people in new ways,” dumbo CEO John Stapleton said in his post.

“We will also use the power of diddy’s community to help advertisers reach a broader audience through a variety of new ways.”

Mr Stapton said the company would be “exploring opportunities to partner with other companies to bring more content to the platform”.

“We’re excited to explore new ways of using dumbo to reach new audiences, and to bring a bit more excitement to the product.”

Dumbo has been a popular and popular product on the platform.

In December, Twitter had an average monthly daily unique user count of 14 million, according to data from comScore.

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