October 31, 2021

A grand opera house in Italy has shut down after years of running without a full-time operator and opera directors are being urged to look for alternatives.

Opera news, a news website run by Opera Holding, reported that the La Scala Opera House in Genoa had been turned into a public housing project for the elderly.

The news agency quoted the city government as saying the building will be turned into public housing.

The building was built by Italian architects Kato Associates in 2002 and was designed by the Italian architect and architect-in-residence Pietro Lazzari.

“It is a symbol of our cultural diversity and the great Italian culture and art of our time,” the building’s architect, Kato, told the news agency.

“The opera house is a part of the historic heritage of Genoa.

It is a monument to the history and the passion of the opera community, a place for artists and musicians to be heard, a venue for opera lovers to share their music and a place where people from all over the world can enjoy a show that will never cease.”

The opera houses at Genoa, including the La Scuola and the La Sede delle Siena, have been shut down since 2017.

A spokesman for Genoa Mayor Giuliano Capparella said the opera houses were “unlikely to be able” to pay their bills and would continue to be closed.

“Opera will continue to play an important role in Genoese life.

We are hopeful that opera will continue and grow in the future, in harmony with the cultural and social values of our town,” he said.