November 2, 2021

You might be tempted to think the NHL has a simple way to make money from its game.

You might think that’s what NHLPA president Donald Fehr and the NHLPA are doing, right?

Well, no.

And in fact, the NHL is trying to make it easier for fans to earn some money on the game through the new Fan Engagement Program.

The new program, launched on Thursday, is an effort to help fans learn how to engage with the game and the players.

The new program will be a new tool for fans, as it uses new technologies to track how their games are viewed on TV, on social media and in the media, according to the NHL.

The goal is to give fans an insight into how the NHL views their game and will also include data to track where fans are in their league and where their favorite players are playing, the league said in a statement.

The league will also have the ability to monetize the data.

So, for example, fans can opt to have the data tracked on a player’s stats page.

The NHLPA said it will also create a video game, the most popular of which will feature a fan commentary and other features, which will be featured in the NHL game.

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